We are very grateful you for your interest to translation our software.
  Every author of a new Language File or an updated version of an existing file gets a free license for the program which interface was translated!
To translate a program interface into your native language or update an existing one (if some changes have been made to the file), follow the instruction.

1. Open the English.lng file from the folder where you've installed the program (C:\Program Files\MP3Producer\Lng for MP3Producer or C:\Program Files\MP3TagEditor, CDRipper, MP3Coder for MP3TagEditor, CDRipper, MP3Coder) with a text editor (e.g. UltraEdit, Notepad, etc.).

2. Translate the strings in English after the first '=' sign (when you are updating an existing file the strings in English are usually marked with *).

  • a) Don't translate the words in the square [] brackets.
  • b) Don't remove or add any special sub-strings (e.g. '%%', '%d', '%2d', '%s', '\n', '\t', etc.).
  • c) Try to keep the original length of the string. It means that it won't do if the translated string is larger in 3 or 4 times than the original one.
String 'AAA' is an original string (in the base language);
String 'BBB' is a translated string;

Source part of the lng-file:

Translated this part should be:

3. Delete the * sign (in a file being updated) in front of the string after the translation.

4. (optional) Place the '&' sign in the strings to able to reach a menu item using the Alt key.

Be sure to place the '&' sign in front of different letters within one section divided with a blank string:

32000 = &Refresh CD\tCtrl+R
32003 = &Stop\tCtrl+S
32009 = E&xtract CD Segment...
32013 = Get CD Info from &FreeDB...\tCtrl+F
32111 = Submit &to FreeDB...
32043 = Select &Output Directory...\tCtrl+O

5. If you wish, you can write down an lng file information in the first section [Description]: name of the language, version, date when the last changes were made, your name and your e-mail address.

6. Save the file as 'YourLanguage.lng' in the same folder as English.lng.

7. Verify the file: if all strings were translated and the length is acceptable:

  • b) Start MP3Producer.
  • c) Choose the lng file in the Main Menu: View > Interface Language).

8. Send the file to us using the Contact Form (www.mp3developments.com/contact.php).