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How To Tag All Your Audio Files In The Fastest Possible Way

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Audio tagging is a technique that is used to update all the meta-data fields in compressed audio formats and MP3 files. Usually, people make use of external audio tag editors to correct and arrange all the meta-data files, segregating them into different groups or individual files. In addition, these tag editors are also used to correct all the erroneous meta-data in the compressed group of files.

Generally, ID3 tags are used for this process, which is especially used for MP3 audio files.

Adding tags in audio files is one of the necessities after it is compressed into your PC. It helps in correctly sorting based on their sizes and prevents the format from changing even when there is a change in software or the operating system.

Even employing the fastest way to tag MP3 files will involve much manual work. However, in this article, we have mentioned some ways by which it can be done.

Audio tagging with the use of a graphic interface

Almost all music files, especially the ones downloaded from online sources, are cataloged on online databases. They are available on open-source platforms compatible with different operating systems, including Linux. The process used follows the steps mentioned below:

  • File Loading
  • Clustering
  • Metadata based lookup
  • Fingerprint based lookup
  • Manual tagging and recording of the audio files

MP3 Audio File

Tagging an MP3 Audio File

The first step is always involved naming the files right. Once the files are named right, these names can be automatically used to write all the tags in the HTML scripts.

Adding and re-editing the metadata is essential in helping your PC track the storage of your audio files. One of the easiest ways to locate them is by editing the MP3 metadata on the audio files. Different apps can be used to do this.


It is one of the most popular apps that helps in MP3 audio tagging and allows for batch processing. So if you have a bunch of audio files lying on your computer, you can upload them on this app and manually add the required metadata.


It is a free tool available online which helps you tag your MP3 audio files into different formats. By using this tool, you not only get access to add tags to your audio files but also directly generate tags from different file names while importing them online or on your PC.


If you wish to find ways to edit your audio tags, it is essential to check out this application, which also allows you to clean up all the junk space in the tags formed. Furthermore, the app offers both manual and script modes, which help speed up the tagging process and organize your files based on your requirements. Unfortunately, other tag editors do not offer this feature.

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